free monthly storytime presented by oblong books

A monthly free storytime at Sapling,  curated by Oblong Books & Music!

3rd Wednesday of each month at Noon.

March 20th - Oblong's Nicole Brinkley will read one of her favorite books for children - BUSINESS PIG by Andrea Zuill

Jasper would rather draw graphs than play in the mud. Can this cutie pig find someone to adopt him who means business, too?

Right from the start, everyone at the barnyard could tell Jasper wasn’t like his siblings: “I believe what we have here is a gen-u-WINE Business Pig!” No wallowing in the mud or rooting for grubs for Jasper; he’d rather help with the bookkeeping or conduct a meeting. Though everyone at the animal sanctuary loves him, Jasper longs for a forever home. But no matter how many business cards he hands out, no one wants to adopt him. Can this above-average pig find his special person to cut deals with?

April 17th - Oblong's Nicole Brinkley will read a new book abut the power of hugs by author Jonathan Stutzman - TINY T-REX AND THE IMPOSSIBLE HUG

Tiny T. Rex has a HUGE problem. His friend Pointy needs cheering up and only a hug will do. But with his short stature and teeny T. Rex arms, is a hug impossible?

Not if Tiny has anything to say about it! Join this plucky little dinosaur in his very first adventure—a warm and funny tale that proves the best hugs come from the biggest hearts. Introducing an unforgettable character on the picture book scene, Tiny T. Rex will stomp into the hearts of readers in this winning new series.

May 15th - Oblong's Nicole Brinkley will read a hilarious take on family trips - THE GREAT INDOORS by Julie Falatko

A story that will have kids wondering what exactly goes on back at home when they're on vacation.

When the humans head out to go camping, the animals settle in for a relaxing holiday of their own! Teen bear takes over the bathroom with her curling iron, the Beavers prepare their fanciest recipes, and the deer kick up their feet for a dance party. What starts as a little unwinding soon escalates to a big mess, just in time for everyone to head home. . . 

June 19th - PAPER MICE by Megan Wagner-LloydOblong's Nicole Brinkley will read a story about the power of friendship PAPER MICE by Megan Wagner-Lloyd

A big, dark house can be scary for those so small, until they find…each other.

With a snip and a clip, two paper mice are made. They are given names: Della and Ralph. Each alone, they explore their new house in the dark. Della dashes up the stairs; Ralph skitters through the dining room. There is so much to see and so much to discover!.

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