art history for kids

Meet The Artist: An Experiential Art History Class


In this experiential art history class, your child will learn about famous artists, their style and story.  Students will then take their learning and get creative with their own artwork, inspired by the artist of the lesson. Whether it be painting to music or with eyes closed, students will step into the shoes of each artist as they explore different creative worlds throughout the course of this interactive class.

The students will be making “process art”, and will therefore learn to focus on the process of art making, rather than the end product.  This kind of art making helps kids release expectations and encourages a judgement free creative zone.

Students will also learn how to utilize art making along with breathing techniques as tools to help teach the children the art of self-regulation, relaxation and meditation. 

Ages 5-8      Every Wednesday 12:00 – 1:00

Class runs through the school year

Payment can be paid in  6-week installments of $120

Join us mid-series for pro-rated cost!

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About the Instructor

Kimberly Popolizio is the owner of i2Evolve, Meditation and The Arts, in the heart of Red Hook village. 

Having earned her Masters in Art Education, she dedicated 15 years to working as a New

York City public school art teacher. More recently, she has had the honor of working at

Saint Catherine’s Center for Children. Now she is passionate about dedicating herself to enriching our community,

watching the children in her studio grow emotionally and creatively utilizing the tools of

her program. 

She has 2 children (ages 8 and 12) and lives with her family in the Hudson Valley.  

It gives her great pleasure to share her experience and philosophy with you and your children at Sapling.


First 6 week Installment Payment